How to gameshare on PlayStation 4

This walkthrough will teach you how to gameshare on PS4. In the simplest terms, it allows you and another person to connect your libraries of games purchased on the PlayStation

Ny software fra Apple

Som på iPhone og iPad vil det nye styresystem til Mac gøre designet på hjemmeskærmen mere flydende og med større muligheder for at placere programvinduer, som man vil. Ikonerne i

Plastic Feet for Butterfly Chair

Plastic Feet for Butterfly Chair (Flagermus stol)I have designed this in Fusion 360 and made a file for 3D printing.You can get the file from Thingiverse. Download here

How to Install macOS 10.15 Catalina on an Unsupported Mac

In this video, will dosdude1 go over the process of installing macOS 10.15 Catalina on an unsupported Mac. This entire process involves the use of my “macOS Catalina Patcher” program,